WHO/SCOAP Surgical Checklist (2009)

Clients: University of Washington Medicine, World Health Organization

A 10-minute educational documentary about the World Health Organization Surgical Checklist, a pilot program for enhancing patient safety in the operating room. Includes interviews with surgeons and scrub nurses explaining the purpose and effectiveness of the checklist, plus an enactment of the checklist being performed in a dramatized surgery.

Cheryl produced, wrote, directed and co-edited this documentary, which is being used for training at hospitals throughout Washington State, as well as worldwide via youtube. The video has been featured at several conferences on surgical safety worldwide.

Written, directed, produced by: Cheryl Slean
Camera: Sean Porter
Production Sound: Vinny Smith
Editors: Cheryl Slean and Leif O'Leary

Shot on: Canon XHA1 @ NTSC 30p