Own Your Health The Rash webisodes

Client: Puget Sound Health Alliance

Cheryl wrote, directed and produced this funny four-episode webiseries for the Puget Sound Health Alliance Own Your Health campaign.

For this project, Cheryl created a series of narrative shorts featuring a hapless but likeable office worker named Marty, who comes down with a rash and deals with his healthcare choices in entirely the wrong way. His rash-related misadventures in each of four episodes set the stage for the four primary messages of the client's healthcare education campaign. To complete this project on budget, Cheryl decided on a primarily handheld two-camera approach. Thanks to a fantastic cast and crew, all the footage for the four episodes was shot in two days! Tracy Dethlefs created the terrific retro-sitcom opening titles.

Cast: Douglas Willot (Marty), Ray Tagavilla (John), Patty Pomplum (Rachel), Brandon Felker (Tree Doctor), Richard Turner (Doctor), Selena Whitaker-Paquiet (Marianne)
Written, directed, produced by: Cheryl Slean
Director of Photography and Camera: Sean Porter
Second Camera: Linus Phillips
Production design: Indus Alelia
Production Sound: Elijah Lawson
Editors: Cheryl Slean, Tracy Dethlefs
Sound Design: Dave Gross

Shot on: Canon 5D
Format: 1080p HD